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'The DNA of Financial Wellbeing' Summary Report 2017

Our 2017 research report examines the financial wellbeing of the UK workforce a year on from our first report. This year, we cover over 10,000 employees and 500 employers.

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'The DNA of Financial Wellbeing' Summary Report 2016

Our latest research, 'The DNA of Financial Wellbeing', examines the state of UK employees' financial wellbeing and what impact it has on their health, productivity and workplace.

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Guide to buying a property

Buying a house is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. If you're looking to save up to buy a home, this short guide can help you through it.

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APR guide

Here’s what you need to know about Annual Percentage Rates so you can find the best loan deals. If you’re not confident that you’re speaking the same language as lenders then this guide is for you.

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Debt consolidation guide

Our guide shows you how to successfully combine your debts into one more manageable repayment. A must-read for members looks to save money on debt repayments and be debt-free faster.

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