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Our solution fits companies both big and small, to help take money worries out of the picture, so your employees can focus on what really matters.

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We keep Neyber cost-free and risk-free because we believe everyone deserves access to fairer finance

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There's no complex integration, we'll just need 10 minutes of payroll time every month to exchange files

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Why financial wellbeing matters

Based on our research, we know that employees who are stressed about money are affected at work. Our 2017 report, 'The DNA of Financial Wellbeing', examines the business impact of having employees who are worried about their finances


have been affected by financial worries


are borrowing to meet basic financial needs


of employers believe employee financial health is important


Help your employees be better with their money now and in the future

Improve financial wellbeing

To us, financial wellbeing is having the freedom to pursue financial goals. Our financial education insights and affordable loans offer your employees the option to do this and feel confident with their money

True debt consolidation

Our loan terms allow employees to borrow money over longer periods so they can combine their debts into a more manageable monthly repayment. On average, our members borrow over £9,000 and two out of three borrow for 4+ years

In-house experts

We're not a middleman, our in-house underwriting team puts in the extra effort to consider each application and how Neyber can help make things easier

Fair finance for all

Our 3 simple fixed rates have been designed to suit your employees' needs and to allow us to offer fairer finance to as many of them as possible


Measurable business benefits

Happy employees make a happy business and our clients are enjoying measurable business benefit by partnering with us. Use our calculator to estimate what your company's annual savings (gain in productivity) would be if your employees are less affected by money worries

Employees affected by money worries:


Less productive on average:*


Annual company savings with Neyber:


*Source: Barclays Wealth, Financial Well-being: The last taboo of the workplace?

How the calculator works: 70% of all employees suffer from money worries and 20% feel this impacts on their productivity at work. This means that 14% of your workforce could be less productive as a result.

Example: 70% affected x 20% less productive = 14% potential reduction in productivity = potential savings with Neyber

Assumption: We've used payroll costs to estimate productivity

How it works

3 simple steps to get going


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Get the word out

We'll work with you to help you communicate all the great things about the new benefit you’re offering your employees

Salary-deducted repayments

We'll link in with your payroll system and once an employee's loan is approved, it's a simple salary deduction repayment until they're loan-free

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