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Most lenders won't tell you the rate you'll be offered without a full credit check. We do things a bit differently - try our eligibility checker to find your rate in just 3 simple steps. No matter what the result is, your credit score won’t be affected

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Our rates are designed to allow as many people as possible have access to fairer finance. Use our online tool to find out what rate you could be eligible for

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          Find out what loan you could be eligible for in minutes by answering a few quick questions about yourself and your finances. We'll use this information to do a 'soft check' which won't leave a footprint on your credit file

          How do I know it won't affect my credit score?

          Most lenders leave a 'footprint' when they're checking your credit file. When you apply for a loan, other lenders can see this and too many of these footprints can hurt your chances of being accepted for credit in the future. Our tool runs a 'soft credit check' to show the loan rate that you could be eligible for, without leaving a trace