Hello, Scott, lets talk about International Women's Day and some of the women in your life.

Why is International Women’s Day important to you and how do you celebrate it?

Equality and diversity are so important to me as an individual, so anything that shares those values, like International Women’s Day, I personally feel should be embraced and supported.

Simply put - none of us would be here without the women that made us, so it seems pretty straightforward to me to celebrate such a day like this.

Who are the women that inspire you the most?

My mother and my daughters.

My mum brought up myself and 3 brothers as well as running a busy Norwegian Student School in Sussex.

I remember us all asking, as soon as we woke up, ‘What’s for breakfast Mum?’. When breakfast was over, we’d be asking about lunch and then dinner and so on all the way until our bedtime. Not to mention all the washing, ironing and cleaning every day.

All whilst keeping us on the right path and installing good values of honesty, politeness and compassion.

It taught me that you have to be extremely organised to look after a family, something I put into practice as we raise our two daughters. I’m proud of what my Mum has achieved and taught me and today I try to instil those same values in my girls, who make us proud every single day.

I learn about the things they have done at school when interacting with others for example and it makes me so proud to see some of those same values showing through them.

Why do you think it’s important to teach the next generation about gender equality?

We (as a society) often see male and female roles in different spaces, but the truth is we need to teach our boys and girls the same lessons and then hopefully gender equality will follow.

Look at how what my Mum taught me has filtered through me and onto my girls. We have the power to carry the characteristics we’d like to see through to future generations. I’ve tried my hardest to make sure that my girls are compassionate to those around them, something that is so important for all people to be.

How do the women of Neyber inspire you at work?

The women at Neyber inspire me with all their hard work, dedication, and enthusiasm to never give up.

As a workplace, Neyber is a collective of really diverse and talented people where gender or where you come from really doesn’t matter. We’re all working together. There are so many female and male role models at Neyber from all different backgrounds and all are celebrated.